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To add a new banner advert, you first need to create the ad image, and upload it to the English Wikipedia or to Wikimedia Commons. For instructions on how to do this, see Template:Wikipedia ads#Creating ads. Once you have created and uploaded the image, edit this module and add the following code on a new line just before the very last closing curly bracket on the page:


  • author - A wikilink or wikilinks for the users who created the ad.
  • link - The page that the image should link to. You can use interwiki prefixes, but you should not use square brackets.
  • image - The filename of the ad image, without "File:".
  • id - The ID displayed above is calculated from the current ad list, so you shouldnt need to change it.

The input should go between the double quote marks ". If any of your input contains double quotes, you can escape them by using a backslash, like this:


1. Removing ads

To remove an ad, simply remove its table from the module. The other ads will be re-ordered automatically. Note that if any users have explicitly specified that ad in then the module will generate an error of "id does not exist", and the transcluding page will show up in Category:Wikipedia ads templates with errors.

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