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To add an article to the list, simply add the template to the talk page of the article with the following parameters:

Options which are left blank will not be displayed or categorized.

  • Task Forces: Append yes if the article is related to a taskforces scope, otherwise remove the line.
  • needs-image: Answer yes if the article needs a picture, graphic, or illustration, otherwise remove this line.
  • needs-infobox: Answer yes if the article needs an infobox, otherwise remove this line.
  • listas: Enter the desired sorting for personal names, e.g. Smith, John
  • attention: Answer yes if the page needs immediate attention, otherwise remove this line.

1. How to

Tag an article

Just add and change the importance parameter as appropriate, and save the page.

See above for available ratings. Please leave comments about why you choose the ratings on the talk page once youve rated the article, or on the articles talk page.

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